R.N.C. Industries, Inc. is committed to making the most environmentally friendly, efficient, and high quality shipping containers on the market.

Our team works with customers on an individual basis to develop the best system for their needs.

Our ultimate goal is to educate our customers on cold chain shipping and make quality packaging for them that they can depend on.

Custom Sizes:

Control Temp Packaging is built around a flexible design and is easy as well as inexpensive to customize!

Superior Insulation:

Over twenty years of experience has shown us that our insulation outperforms alternative shipping systems consistently!

Durable Design:

Control Temp Packaging can withstand high levels of abuse. Control Temp Packaging will not crack or break if dropped in transit!

Environmentally Friendly:

The components of Control Temp Packaging are made of natural stone, biodegradable plastics, and recyclable materials!
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